Angel Broking IPO Tomorrow listed expected price down in NSE and BSE Market 10% Premium Discount Trading

Angel Broking IPO Tomorrow listed time expected price down in NSE and BSE Market :

Angel Broking company IPO listed the October 5 Monday NSE and BSE10am list in the share market. The company founded a 1987  largest and oldest broking house in India, last month September 22 – 24 IPO debut (initial Public offer) issued the angel broking company equity share of 1,96,07,854 in the market noticed the company. An angel broking 35% share subscription retail investors.
The famous news article told it angel broking Monday Premium grey market open time 5 to 10 percent discount trading on price value on 306 rupees.

Angel Broking Subscription details :

Therefore in Angel Broking company IPO subscribed details  Qualified Institution  Buyer (QIB) 5.74x times, HNI 0.63x time, RII 4.31x times on total subscription 3.94x times subscribed. BSE angel company code number ‘543235’ and NSE listed the company name code ANGELBRKG. 
The previous week listed the 2 Big IPO list the chemcon and Cams company launch. Chemcon chemical list the company IPO list time big rise up 115 times but the market end time lower circuit lock the Chemcon Share. Cams computer age management service company list time 13.5 times price up the share price. 
The expect angel broking IPO listed 5 October Monday, open market time price huge touch, and second-half market price downside expect the angel borking listed day. why price down expect reason it last week list Chemcon 149 time subscribed and cams 46.99 times subscribed that company. But it is angel broking low 3.94x times buying reason an ahead down as said the experts and another big sentiment news a US President Donald Trump Corona Test Positive news market on Monday open Asia market affect on downside go possible the sentiment. another India big news  Moratorium case result affects the Share Market mostly banking sector expected.
Monday waiting watches the angel broking share movement I will update my social media.

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