Banking Sector,IT Sectors and Finance Sectors Positive side on the Friday Market

Banking Sector and IT Sectors positive side on the Friday Market; RBI announcement

Friday Market positive end the Nifty 11,914 Points up 79.60 points gain the market, BSE Sensex 40,509 points gain market value up 326 points. 

Today Market on Banking sectors big news announce the RBI a day MPC Meeting conduct the morning at 10.00 am this meet release some news positive way a share market repo rate unchanged at 4%. and reverse repo rate 3.35% percent update the RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das.

A day Market up reason the RBI Monetary Policy Committee(MPC) announces the Bank Sectors on the positive side.

IT Sectors this month Q2 results announced companies on TCS already release positive sing. next week October 14,2020 day results announce the Infosys IT company, LTI Q2 results on 20, 2020 October release the company.

Nifty Advance and Decline

Nifty 50 today positive share on Advanced 24 shares and market decline share 26 company shares down

Nifty 50 Next downtrend today market active company Advanced company 23 and decline company 27

Nifty Bank positive and share consultation show on market Nifty bank advance 12 banks and decline 0 banks.

Nifty listed sectors market advanced 865 company positive and market decline 1010 company, today price unchanged company 106.

BSE Advance and Decline

BSE Sensex market changes support on advanced 1202 company, decline market 1490 company, and today price unchanged 162 companies.

LIC Housing Finance 

Today market eyeing equity share LIC Housing Fiance, last day new technology implementation the LIC the digital formation set goes on 21 Months complete process the company. 

A day LIC House Fiance share price on Rs.306 market gain points 20 points and this value changes 6.7% percent.


This share on the last four days downtrend followed the market, weekend Friday Market gain the Rs.48 then-current share price Rs.5,920 and market change value 0.82% percent.


Wipro announces the Buyback share update this weekend or next week expect the value of Buyback share.

Today PSU Banks and Private Banks positive

PSU Market up the 3.10% percent, Private Bank gain the 2.60% percent up and the Fiance sector 1.88% percent up the market value.

The Bank Sector effect the RBI Monetary Policy committee meeting updates the great news on banks unchanged the repo rate on 4% percent and reverses the repo rate of 3.35% percent.

Asia Market

The Asia Market end market changes details: Now run only the SGX Market Positive move consultation on 25 points up on current changes SGX 0.21% percent, Nikkei 225 Market negative side -27.38 Point down and changed -0.12% percent, Straits Times -10.15 Point negative change -0.40% Percent, Hang Seng -74.22 Point cap down market changes -0.31 % percent, Jakarta Composite 14.52 Point up and 0.29% percent changed. Set Composite end of day market 1,274 point market down -7.69 point value changes -0.60% percent. Shanghai Composite now market gain the 54.03 point value changes 1.68% percent.

US Market

Thursday US Market NASDAQ Positive 11,554 gained up to 13 Point a market changed 1.16% percent. Dow Jones’s current market value 28,568 points 143 and market changes value 0.43% percent. S&P 3,473 points this value change 26 points gain. The Stimulus pack optimism increases US Market, an Opening positive side the Dow Jones.

Europe Market

Thursday today market open high volatility, a day current market points on FTSE 6,016 points now upmarket end 38.62 points a market changes 0.65% percent, CAC market end value 4,946 point market end  34.87 point market changes 0.71% percent. DAX current value 13,051.23 points now big up 9.02 that day market changes 0.07% percent this market on Sideway the DAX Market.


Today Foreign Institutions Trader activity the short sale the -39.39 Crore.


Domestic Institutions Trading activity positive sing the market buy the DII Valu on 126.61 Crore.

Dollar to INR conversion rate on 1 dollar equal to INR 73.13 a day Indian Rupee positive sign the gain Rs.0.11.

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