HDFC announced Q2 Finance results post Net profit 28% fall to Rs 2,870 crores

HDFC announced Q2 Finance results in post-Net profit 28%

Monday on HDFC announced Q2FY21 Finance results report the Net profit drop 28% to Rs.2,870 crores as against last year same quarter profit Rs.3,962 crores.  

Net Interest Income (NII) Q2 Jump 21% to Rs.3,647 crores as against last year the same quarter Rs.3,021 crores. Net Interest Margin growth 3.3% this quarter September 30, 2020.

The Dividend income and profit sales of investments at Rs.323 crores as to previous year same time Rs.2,701 crores. In accordance with the directions by the Reserve Bank of India and Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, the corporation has not received any dividend from its investments in banks and Insurance companies during the current financial year.

HDFC lending growth 9% approval for Individual Loan. The Individual Disbursements during the quarter-end September 30, 2020 were at 95% of the previous year.

On September 30, 2020, the Individual loans sold Rs.64,974 crores. Hdfc Non-performing loans of the individual stood at 0.84% while that of the non-Individual portfolio stood at 4.19%.

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