India Corona virus update on day total Recover case 70,78,123 to 90%, and new corona case 50,129

India Coronavirus update on day total Recover case 70,78,123 to 90%, and new Corona cases 50,129

India is Recover from the Covid-19 virus impact to slow down in the country. Today India’s new achievement has total Corona case recover the 90% percent to 70,78,123 on the day.

Covid-19 India total case 78,64,811 a day with new increase case 50,129, currently active cases 6,68,154 (8.50%) and today recover the corona patient 62,077.

Total Death ratio 1.51% percent to 1,18,534 and today death patient 578.  

India Covid-19 total samples test up to 10,25,23,469, but last day on October 24, 2020 Corona samples tests 11,50,905. 

India Top 10 States new case and death cases;

Kerala last 24 hours covid-19 new cases 8,253 and total case 3,86,087, current Active case 97,517, today recovery patient 6,468 and Death 25 patient.

Maharashtra Covid-19 total case 16,38,961 with new 6,417 cases and last 24 hours total patient 137 death.

Karnataka state total Corona cases 7,98,378 with new 4,471 cases and last 24 hours total patient 52 death and total recover cases 7,00,737.

West Bengal total case 3,45,574 with news cases 4,148 and total this stat Covid-19 recover case 3,02,340 and last 24 patients 59 new death.

Delhi total confirm case 3,52,520 with new cases 4,116 and total recovery case 3,19,828 and last 24 hours total patient 36 death.

Andhra Pradesh total case 8,04,026 with new cases 3,342 and the state total recover case 765,992, another then last 24 hours total of 22 patient death.

Tamil Nadu the state total cases 7,06,136 with new case 2,886 and total recover case 6,63,456, last 24 hours patient 35 death.

Uttar Pradesh total Covid-19 confirm cases 4,68,433 and last day new case 2,178, the state total recovery cases 4,33,703. In the last 24 hours corona patient 24 people dead.

Madhya Pradesh totals Covid-19 confirm case 1,66,298 with new cases 1,004 and total recovery cases 1,51,946 patient, another then last 24 hours total death 20 patient.

Chhattisgarh total Covid-19 confirm cases 1,74,591with new cases 2,011 and total corona cases recover this state 1,48,899, and last 24 hours total death 59 patient

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