IT Sector 1000 Points across positive on TCS, Mindtree, Infosys, COFORGE, all shares gain

 IT Sector 1000 Points across positive on TCS, Mindtree, Infosys, COFORGE, all shares gain

Thursday Market open time full domination IT Sectors more 1000 Point across a continuous positive the TCS results in impact and upcoming Q2 earnings results this month. 

TCS Results 

Yesterday Tata Consultancy Service Q2 results announced the company management. This year Q2 revenue Rs.40,135 Crore increase (YoY) but last year Q2 results compare the total revenue Rs.38,322 Crore, this year revenue good. Net profit Rs.7,475 Crore this Quarter 7% percent fall the net profit, the same last year profit Rs.8,042 Crore.

The TCS  Buyback share approval the Board in equity shares a per share fixed amount of Rs.3000. TCS total buyback 5.33 Crore equity share ahead fixed amount and this per equity amount not exceeding total Rs.16,000 Crore(taxes and related expenses) this share buyback the Special approval through TCS Buy.

TCS Dividend announces the TCS Interim dividend per share 12 rupees this record date 15/10/2020 a dividend amount received on 03/11/2020.

Today TCS Current Price of Rs.2,871 gain amount Rs.134 market current changed by 4.90% percent. Trading volume 3,52,408.51


Mindtree current share price Rs.1,545 today gain amount Rs.157 market change 11.7%percent. market trade 67,223.94


LTI IT company announce the financial results in date October 20, 2020 release board meeting conduct the last month September 30, 2020, take finance result approval that company ahead day update. 

The Company further inform said Board of Directors may consider and results in time Interim dividend amount per equity share of the company for FY2020-2021

LTI share price Rs.2,881, changes Rs.214, percent changer 8.06%. Market current trading volume 15,960.50


Infosys IT company announce Second Quarter Results on October 14, 2020 day company positive today. TCS results effect the IT Sectors same positive results come the all IT company

Infosys Current Price Rs.1,115 company gain Rs.48 market changed 4.54% percent. Market trade current volume 1,51,058.77


Coforge IT company current share price Rs.2,512 gain amount Rs.116 and market change 4.87% percent. today current volume shares 6,09,495.

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