Monday NSE and BSE that day IPO Mazagon, UTI AMC Is listing

Monday NSE and BSE  that day IPO  Mazagon, UTI AMC Is listing.

October 12,2020 Monday NSE and BSE Market open time two IPO listed a Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders and UTI AMC Mutual Fund company share that day listing time 10.00 AM. 

Mazagon Dock information

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders IPO open time 29 September 2020 to close day 01 October 2020, the company total share size amount 443 Crores, A Face value of 10rs per equity share, and this ahead price band Rs.145, Mazagon Dock equity 30,599,017 crore shares, and employee discount amount 10rs.

Already allotment your Demat account 09 October 2020, some invest apply person does not allot the company that your amount refund amount send 08 October 2020. Market listing date on 12 October 2020 Monday morning update market 10 AM.

Subscription Full Details the OIB 89.71x times, HNI 678.88x times, RII 35.63x times, EMP 3.88x times, Overall Subscription total 157.41x times.

The Mazagon Duck listed time premium gain expected 50% percent to 110% percent up the company share.

This share NSE code MAZDOCK and BSE code 543237.

UTI AMC information 

The company list on NSE and BSE on Monday 12 October 2020, market 10 AM listing the company share. This IPO is the lowest 2.31x times subscription, that way last week listed company Angel broking low subscription. UTI AMC IPO time low Subscription discount sale grey market.

A Subscription details a QIB 3.34x times, HNI 0.93x times, RII 2.32x times, EMP 1.34x times, a total Subscription 2.31x times.

UTI AMC IPO list open 29 September to close 01 October 2020, the IPO big size amount Rs.2159 Crore a face value of 10rs Per Equity Share and buying price band 554 per share, retail portion 35% percent and Discount 54rs employees.

The UTI AMC IPO Allotment and Listing, already basis if allotment 07 October 2020, the no allotment share refunds 02 October 2020, allot share your Demat account receive 09 October 2020, market listing day 12 October 2020.

This IPO apply all person confirm allot shares of your Demat account, the reason for this IPO share low look the investors, the net outflows for the third consecutive month September Rs.734 Crores the mutual company share update news that reason for IPO interest low UTI share. A grey market discount sale the IPO shares these effects 12 October 2020 market Monday 10 AM, listing time some experts said UTI AMC down share price list market NSE and BSE.

UTI Market NSE code UTIAMC and BSE code 543238

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