Nifty 1.36% and Sensex 1.33% Monday market fall, All sector show that selling pressure

Nifty 1.36% and Sensex 1.33% Monday market fall, All sector show that selling pressure

October 26, 2020, Nifty and Sensex high volatility market the day, Nifty fall -1.36 percent as to market end 11,767.75 points and Sensex -1.33% percent the market end 40,145.50 points. 

Bank Nifty a day falls the -1.65% percent to a market closing price of 24,075.45 points.

The Market falls major reason Reliance Industries -3.97% percent huge down the last three months after. 

Reliance Industries share price down the reason the Amazon win the interim arbitration case against Future Group company buys the Reliance.

Reliance on the current share price on market Rs.2009.10 to fall percentage of -3.94%.

Today all sectors fall the market points details:

Nifty Metal sector falls the -3.50% percent and this sector closes 2,357.55 points.

Nifty Auto sector huge fall on -3.22% percent and this sector market close on 7,833.65 points.

Nifty Media sector a day down -2.74% percent and that sector ends the 1,425.75 points.

Nifty Energy sector down the -1.93% has market close 14,613.45 points.

Nifty Realty sector falls -1.89% percent the market end 230.65 points.

Nifty Pharma sector down for -1.47% percent to market end the 11,334.20 points.

Nifty Infrastructure sector today falls -1.24% and this sector market ends 3,113.20 points.

Nifty IT -1.20% fall this sector and market close the sector 21,265.70 points.

Nifty PSU Bank sector down the -1.19%, in the sector today close 1,304 points.

Nifty FMCG sector consolidation shows today’s market on little fall -0.03% to sector close day 29,774.65 points.

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