Nifty and Sensex big down in the day market

 Nifty and Sensex big down in the day market

Today Nifty market morning show volatility moment slow down the last two days but today reflects a big down of -2.47% percent and current market 297 points down. BSE Sensex 1000 points current time falls the market.

The European market open negative side Current points FTSE down on 138 points market changes -2.34% percent, CAC down -115 points a market changes current time -2.33% percent and DAX market big fall on 300 points down and current market change -2.99% percent.

The reason for the market fall a European market on new Corona virus increase the country, and another update US Stimulus package hope announcement expect this week but US official said the Stimulus packages decided to Election after announce.

last day Infosys announces Finance results release company on Earing positive but this news, not positive sign Infosys shares down the today current share price Rs.1,108 share price falls on -2.53% percent.

The Moratorium case updates the Supreme court on the Interest on interest wavier Government said the SC the interest waiver implementation November 15, 2020.

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