Nifty and Sensex Fifth day continues to gain the market; Reliance Industries big contributor day

Nifty and Sensex Fifth day continues to gain the today market; Reliance Industries big contributor day 

Friday market today Fifth day continues to rally to Nse and Bse, have the Nifty 50 gain on 1.18% or 143.25 points till market closed 12,263.55 points and Sensex market rally to 1.34% or 552.90 points to market end the 41,893.06 points.

Nifty waiting to next week this year January month highest 12,440 points value cross expects the next Monday market. 

At the same time Sensex market highest on 42,260 points January month touched but the last 8-month corona impact the market fall to 25,640 points touched to recover the market. Before the market slowly gain to Sensex currently 41,893 points today market close.

 Nifty Bank Fifth day continues market gain to 1.85% or 485.85 points up and in the market close has 26,799 points.

Nifty 50 Big contributors in Reliance Industries share price up 3.79% or 74.15 points increased to market close this share price Rs.2,029.

Indi Vix down -2.23%.


Nifty 50 Sectors points list;

Nifty Private Bank sector big rally on 2.12% to market close the value 14,883 points.

Nifty Energy sector gains the Friday market 1.07% to market close the sector value 15,180 points.

Nifty Realty sector grew 1.07% to on the today market close for vale 226.95 points.

Nifty PSU Bank sector gain to 0.56% to market closing value 1,375 points.

Nifty  IT sector up 0.50% to market closing value 21,492 points.

Nifty Infrastructure sector gains 0.21% to market end closing value 3,190 points.

The nifty Auto sector grew 0.13% to the market closing the 8,006 points

Nify Media sector grew 0.05% to market close vale 1,473.40 points.

Nifty Pharma sector and Nifty FMCG sector only down the market on -0.70% and -0.10% value fall.



Foreign Institutional Investors today trading activities the Net Purchase on Rs.4,869.87 crores.


Domestic Institutional Investors a day trading activities on Net Sales Rs.2,938.66 crores.



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