Nifty gain 76 Points up and sensex positive 304 points Today market up

Nifty gain 76 Points up and Sensex positive 304 points Today market up, News of the TCS Q2 FY21 result today

Wednesday market open cap down some during time market suddenly change market up positive up start today Nifty 11,738 Points end that day gain 76 points and the market changed 0.66% percent up, and Sensex 39,878 Points end market a day gain on 304 points a market changed 0.77% percent market gain.

Nifty Advance and Decline

Nifty 50 today positive share on Advanced 26 shares and market decline share 24 company shares down

Nifty 50 Next downtrend today market active company Advanced company 20 and decline company 30.

Nifty Bank positive and share consultation show on market Nifty bank advance 5 banks and decline 7 banks.

Nifty listed sectors market advanced 723 company positive and market decline 1180 company, today price unchanged company 106.

BSE Advance and Decline

BSE Sensex market changes support on advanced 1047 company, decline market 1640 company, and today price unchanged 186 companies.

Europe Market

Wednesday today market open high volatility, market consultation, and the market no moment today. A day current market points on FTSE 5,946.25 points now down -3.69 point a market changes -0.06% percent, CAC current value 4,882 point now -13.46 point market changes -0.27% percent. DAX current value 12,983 points now small up 22.55 that day market changes 0.17% percent. 

US Market

US Market starts on going the positive moment today a current market NASDAQ value of 11,314 points gain 160 points and market changes 1.43% percent gained, Dow Jones current market 28,190 points gain on 419 points and market changes 1,52% percent gain today market positive side.

TCS Results

TCS  Q2FY21 results in a revenue increase and buyback share news update on today.

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