Nifty gain the 95 Points and Sensex cross the 40,000 points in second time, IT Sectors positive

Nifty gain the 95 Points and Sensex cross the 40,000 points for the second time, IT Sectors positive

Thursday Market opens positive sing a morning time big cap up to open 11,870 then new high touch 11,900 cross the market but market slows down second down the 11,700 touches to next recover then finally market current 11,834 Points today market-changing value 95.75 points gain.

A day BSE Market hit the second time high touch the 40,000 points cross the Sensex. The Sensex current value 40,182 points a today market gain 303 points up and value changes 0.76% percent. 

Today the IT Sector and Pharma the two sectors 2% cross the market. Nifty IT first half time big gain 1000 points cross but second half time big-cap down the IT sectors 500 points down a market show the Nifty IT.


TCS results affect the market on all IT sector’s positive moment taken on the share market. TCS Q2 Revenue Rs.40.135 Crore increase Tcs, but Net profit fall the 7% percent this year net profit Rs.7,475 Crore.

Buyback total equity shares 5.33 Crore, a buying value fixed the Rs.3000 not exceeding Tax the Rs.16,000 Crore.

The dividend announces per equity 12 rupees the record date 15/10/2020 the dividend pay date a 03/11/2020.


Wipro shares top gain list first on today’s big news on buyback share update 13/10/2020 announce that day expect. Wipro current price amount of Rs.359 and gain value of Rs.24.60 the market end changes 7.34% percent.

More IT Sector information:


Infosys IT company press release the Q2 result announce the 14/10/2020 that day dividend amount release the Infosys. They expected results positive update then today effective a share price up on 27 and current share value Rs.1,904 a changes 2.62% percent.


Cipla India largest and oldest pharma sector the Cipla is gain the market current share price of Rs.812 and a day gain 38 rupees. Cipla share buy call and target fixed the Rs.842 announce the ICICI Securities.

Asia Market 

The Asia Market end on market changes details: SGX Market Positive move consultation on 4.50 points up on current changes SGX 0.04% percent sideway, Nikkei 225 Market positive side 224.25 Point up and changed 0.96% percent, Straits Times 4 Point sideway positive change 0.19% Percent, Hang Seng 49 Point down current market changes -0.20 % percent this market recovery end, Taiwan Weighted 140 Points currently up and the market changed 1.10% percent, KOSPI 5.02 point lite up changes 0.21% percent. Jakarta Composite 34.81 Point up and 0.70% percent changed. Set Composite current day market 1,274 point market gain 11.12 point value changes 0.88% percent.

US Market

Thursday US Market Positive 11,403 gained up to 37 Point a market changed 0.33% percent. Dow Jones’s current market value 28,395 points 86 and market changes value 0.30% percent. 

Europe Market

Thursday today market open high volatility, a day current market points on FTSE 5,978 points now upmarket end 31.78 points a market changes 0.53% percent, CAC current value 4,911 point market end  29.94 point market changes 0.61% percent. DAX current value 13,042.21 points now big up 113.64 that day market changes 0.88% percent.


Foreign Institution Trader today activity the buying side Rs.978.37 crore positive side.


Domestic Institution Trading activity that day on small buying side the 19.85 Crore.

Dollar to INR rate of today 1 dollar equal to 73.24 INR, today Indian currency positive 0.10%percent

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