Reliance Industries Q2 Finance results in post Net profit 28% increased to Rs 10,602 crores and Subsidiary companies results

Reliance Industries Q2 Finance results in post-Net profit 28% increased to Rs 10,602 crores

Friday on Reliance Industries announced the Q2FY21 Finance results report the Net profit Jump 28% to 10,602 crores on September 30, 2020. In the company total revenue growth 27.2% to Rs.1,28,385 crores for this quarter.

Earning Before Interest Taxes and Amortization (EBITDA) higher than 7.9% to Rs.23,299 crores during period-end September 30, 2020. 

Reliance Jio Earning Results;

Reliance Subsidiary on Jio Plartoms limited release to Q2FY21 Finance report Net profit over the jump 19.8% to 3,020 crores as against previous quarter profit Rs,2,520 crores. Consolidated total revenue jump 7.2% to Rs.18,496 crores on September 30,2020 as corresponding year Rs.17,254 crores 

EBITDA margin jumps 43.1% to Rs.7,971 crores in this quarter.

ARPU(Average Revenue per share) during the quarter of Rs.145 per subscriber per month.

Jio total Customer 405.6 million during the period on September 30, 2020. Another big news the Jio has become the only operator outside of India has reached a new milestone of 400 million subscribers in a single country market.

Commenting on the results, Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited Said; “We delivered strong overall operational and financial performance compared to the previous quarter with recovery in petrochemicals and retail segment, and sustained growth in Digital Services business.

Domestic demand has sharply recovered across our O2C (Order to cash) business and is now near the pre-Covid level for most products. Retail business activity has normal with strong growth in key consumption baskets as lockdowns ease across the country.  With large capital raise in the last six months across jio and Retail business, we have welcomed several strategic and financial investors into the Reliance family.

We continue to pursue growth initiatives in each of our businesses with a focus on the India opportunity.

Reliance Retail Earning Results;

Consolidated Revenue from operation jump 29.7% to Rs.36,566 crores has September 30,2020 as against previous quarter results Rs.28,197 crores. In the company total sales value increase by 30% to 41,100 crores from last quarter Rs.31,620 crores.

EBITDA Jump 5.5% to Rs.2,006 crores has against last quarter Rs.1,079 crores

Reliance Petrochemical report;

In the company total revenue growth 17.8% to Rs.29,665 crores in September 30,2020 as against last quarter Rs.25,192 cores. EBITDA up 34.6% to Rs.5,964 crores from last quarter s.4,430 crores.

Refining & Marketing Earning report;

Total revenue rise 33.3% to 62,154 crores September 30,2020 as against Rs.46,642 crores. EBITDA on declined by 21.4% to Rs.3,002 crores QoQ as against last quarter Rs.3,881 crores.

Media Business Finance report;

The Segment revenue rise by 31.5% to Rs.1,061 crores as against last quarter Rs.807 crores. 

Earning Before Interest Deprecation and Amortization (EBITDA) jump by 514.8% to Rs.166 crores from last quarter Rs.27 crores.

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