Reliance Retail Industries got new Investment the GIC and TPG to invest 7,350 crore official News

Reliance Retail Industries got new Investment the GIC and TPG to invest 7,350 crores: Reliance got more valuable company in the world 
Reliance Industries subsidiary business Reliance Retail ventures  Limited official announce the Reliance owner Mukesh Ambani said the GIC capital investment company RRVL invests the Rs 5,512.5 Crore this amount vale of equity stake 1.22% and another investment come to an RRVL invest by TPG 1,837.5 crore this amount value of equity share 0.44%.
Saturday  GIC announcement the Singapore government-owned capital invest company GIC decide to invest Reliance Industries subsidiary business Reliance Retail ventures Limited to invest the GIC 5,512.5 Crore invest plan said the GIC CEO Lim Chow Kiat ‘ say on India Biggest Retail ventures Limited company manage the Reliance Limited an RRVL company successful on all over India more than 12,000 stores run an RRVL across 640 million serves to provide the RRVL. Therefore invest company GIC allot the equity share value of stake 1.22% owned a Singapore government.
Another investment US Based TPG Private invest company a decision to invest a reliance retail 1,837.5 crores in value equity share 0.44% bought the TPG. September last month-end Abu Dhabi based sovereign on Mubadala investment company said the Reliance Retail ventures Limited 6,247 crore invest this value of the stake in 1.40 percent stake bought the investment company.
2020 Reliance industries lot of investment coming the Mukesh Ambani Reliance retail, RRVL, Jio Platform 5G develop. This month’s start investment announces the US-based KKR & co 5,550 crore invest plan recently update and another big deal complete the Silver Lake equity company invest the 7,500 crores the deal confirm fro Reliance Retail Business. 
Reliance industries already hold on shareholder increases the stake in Reliance Industries Limited Silver Lake 1,875 Crore and General Atlantic US-based invest company the respectively  Reliance Retail Ventures Limited 3,675 Crore investment announcement the Wednesday. 
More expect the Reliance Retail Industries come to the lot investment in big Retail store and online Business already Online store e-commerce site on JioMart launch in Reliance AGM conduct time in India. The big competition on the Flipkart and amazon online store business enter the ‘JioMart an aim at India Top 1 online store company Mukesh Ambani said’
The Monday share Market open time Highley expects the Reliance Industries Limited currently Rs 2,229  share Price gain.
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