Thursday Market Nifty and Sensex high volatility on market today all sectors down

Thursday Market Nifty and Sensex high volatility the market all sectors down

Today Nifty 50 high volatility market on day  -0.50% percent down to market close 11,670 points. Sensex -0.43% to 39,749 points down in the day market.

Bank Nifty volatility market in the day value change fall -0.58 to 24,092 points.

Sectors Point list update

Nifty 50 market today down the -0.50% to -58.80 point as today market close the 11,67.80 points.

Nifty Realty sector today big fall the -1.85% to market close the 1,398.55 points.

Nifty Auto sector falls the -0.96% today market close 7,846 points end.

Nifty FMCG sector -0.95% percent fall and today market close the 29,663 points.

Nifty Pharma sectors today high volatility down -0.88% to close the points 11,226.

Nifty Metal sector down -0.76% and market close in the sector 2,307 points.

Nifty PSU Bank fall -0.58% and this sector day end of 1,264 points.

Nifty IT Sector today positive sign the -0.32% percent up and market close this sector on 20,876 points.

Nifty Energy sector gain 0.23% percent to a sector close 14,772 points.

Today two sectors only positive report the market on IT and Energy sectors

Nifty VIX index shows High volatility the increases the 3.19% percent.

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