Today Market: Nifty 0.34% Points, Sensex 0.40% up the market , Sectors points

Today Market: Nifty 0.34% Points, Sensex 0.40% up the market , Sectors news 

Wednesday market high volatility the Nifty and Sensex up an down market a day. Nifty 50 first-half markets 12,000 points touched the market, second half big down 150 points market but finally market recover then 40.85 points gained market close the 11,937.65 points. 

Sensex market close 40,707.31 points end and today gain the 162.94 points, market changes value 0.40% percent.

Britannia Industries’ continuous second-day fall share price a result after Britannia results in positive report 23% percent net profit jumped the company. 

Today Britannia shares down -4.39% percent, a price changes -155.90, and Britannia market end share price Rs.3397.25.

ACC Cement recovers the cement demand increase said finance results announce yesterday positive report the acc cement net profit year-on-year 19% percent up the company.

The ACC cement share price gain 40.60 points, changes 2.57% percent up, and market today end share price Rs.1,620.15.

Reliance Jio announced the team up Qualcomm chip market, India first 5G connective make in the company said, Mukesh Ambani.

Reliance share price Morning time gain market positive run but market close time -1.45% percent down. That company’s current share price Rs.2,124.60.

Colgate Palmolive(India) Q2FY21 Finance results announced today positive report the company net profit 12% percent up Rs.274.1 crore. The company declares an interim dividend of Rs.18 per share.

Colgate share price down -2.40% percent, market end share price Rs.1,426. 

UltraTech Cement Ltd Q2 Finance results announced the company report Net profit Rs.1,234 crore this year but last year compare to these net profit double increase the UltraTech.

The company share price increase a Fiance results after 84 points upmarket, has share price changes 1.86% percent, and this current share price Rs.4,629 market end.

Nifty Sector Points

Nifty 50 market end 11,937.65 points today market change value 40.85 points gained and market changes value 0.34% percent.

Nifty IT Sectors market end 21,577.65 points, market value change -116.70 Points down, and sector change value -0.54% percent.  

Nifty Auto sector market end 7,878.05 points, sector -18.65 down and sector value changes -0.24% percent.

Nifty PSU Bank sector market 1,314.15 points end, the sector 9.55 points, and sector value change 0.73% Percent gained.

Nifty Media sector market end 1,444.85 points and market change value -0.61% Percent down. 

Nifty Energy sector 14,463.55 points have sector 114.40 points and sector changes  0.79% Percent gained.

Nifty Pharma sector day moment slow 1.30 points and that sector changes value 0.01% Percent up the sectors a market. 

Nifty Realty sector market end 236.85 and these sector changes value 4.36% percent up these sectors.

Nifty FMCG sector market end 29,684.10 points, the sector change -280.50 points and sector value changes -0.94% Percent.

Nifty Metal sector market end 2,416.05 points and these sectors change 52.70 points and sector value change  2.23% Percent gained this sector.

Nifty Bank’s current 24,635.05 points end the market, this value changes 1.33% percent gain.


Foreign Institutional Investor Buy today market trading activity Rs.2,108 crore.


Domestic Institutional Investor Sell in the day trading activity Rs.1,633 crore 

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