Today Market: Nifty 12,000 Point touch and Sensex 84 Point a market Support the Pharma sector and IT sector high and Asia Market

Today Market: Nifty 12,000 Point touch  and Sensex 84 Point a market Support the Pharma sector and IT sector high

The NSE this Second-time 12,000 point touch at the market but down this point not to continue the market back the same 11,930 points end the market. Today IT Sectors gain the 1.67% percent upmarket and pharma sectors 0.92% percent up in the market.

In the day expected results IT sectors on Wipro tomorrow results and buyback shares news expected, Infosys today top gainers in NSE reason the good results expectations. Pharma sectors the good gains, IPO listed Mazagon Dock and UTI AMC.


Nifty Sector Points

Monday Market open 12,000 points touch the market sides up to 16.75 Point increase the market by 0.14% Percent.

Nifty IT Sectors 364.55 Points up and market change value 1.67% Point Gain, this sector TCS Rs.182 gain 7.23per cent.

Nifty Auto sector -0.67% percent,

Nifty PSU Bank -0.22% Percent point down central Government announcement.

Nifty Media -2.36% Percent Point down. 

Nifty Energy  -0.57% Percent  Point down.

Nifty Pharma Sector 0.91% Percent gain the Pharma sector good news on India first develop corona vaccines Covaxin II trials test complete third trials test this month expected.

Nifty Realty 1.09% percent point down the sectors.

Nifty FMCG 0.34% Percent Point gain these sectors.

Nifty Metal this sector 0.88% Percent down..

Nifty Bank 0.59 % Percent down the sectors.


The Foreign Institutional investors buy on Rs.665.17 Crore good in the market side today market activities.


Domestic Institutional Investors selling side goes on Rs.1,028.77 Crore in the day Trading activities.


Asia Market

The Asia Market current market changes details: SGX till running the Market Positive move consultation on 35 points up on current changes SGX 0.29% percent, Nikkei 225 Closed Market negative sign -63 Point down and changed -0.26% percent, Straits Times 19.62 Point sideway positive change 0.77% Percent end the market, Hang Seng 530 Point big cap up the market current changes 2.20 % percent up, Taiwan Weighted 68.72 Points up the end and the market changed 0.53% percent day market, KOSPI 11.77 point upmarket changes 0.49% percent the current market. Jakarta Composite 39.44 Point up and 0.78% percent changed. Set Composite end current day market 1,273.43 point market gain 6.29 point value changes 0.50% percent. Shanghai Composite now market gain the 86.39 point value changes 2.64% percent end market points.

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