Today Market: Nifty 2.43% percent down the market and Sensex 1066 Points big fall, all Sectors falled

Today Market: Nifty 2.43% percent down the market  and Sensex 1066 Points big fall, all Sectors falled 

Thursday market big fall in Nifty and Sensex, the Nifty current points 11,680.32 a day fall -290.75 points a market changes -2.43% percent and Sensex big crash the 1066 points down a current Sensex 39728.41 points and market changes -2.61% percent. 

Infosys IT company announced Fiance results positive 8.6% percent YoY revenue increase and full good results good. But today market high volatility then this news not effect the Infosys Shares.

Today Infosys Current shares price of Rs.1,108.25 a fall the Rs. 28.75 and market change -2.53% percent.

Today market fall the reason said experts, The market last two days on volatility show market,  Europe country is new Corona Case number of increase an official announced then next new National Lockdown implementation experts this month that reason for Europ market down and Asia market down, US Stimulus package hopes down but US official said this package announce the after the election. India Interest on interest waiver news the central government implementation November first week expected.

Nifty Sector Points

Nifty 50 current points 11,680,32 today market change down value 290.75 points and market changes value -2.43% points

Nifty IT Sectors 636.75 Points fall and market change value -2.87% 

Nifty Auto sector fall the 95.70 and market changes value  -1.19% percent.

Nifty PSU Bank Sector down the 37.05 points and market value changes -2.84% Percent point down central Government announcement.

Nifty Media Sector 42.10 point fall and market changes -2.81% Percent Point down. 

Nifty Energy  Sector big fall the market 294.80 points and market changes  -2.00% Percent  Point down.

Nifty Pharma Sector day end fall 219.32 points and market changes value -1.85% Percent down the sectors a market last day news effect a Pharma side the Coronavirus vaccines trials stop US company,

Nifty Realty -2.38% percent point down the sectors.

Nifty FMCG -1.05% Percent Point down these sectors.

Nifty Metal this sector 0.49% Percent down..

Nifty Bank big fall the market on 802 points down and market value changes -3.36 % Percent down the sectors. All banking shares fall in today’s market.


The Foreign Institutional investors Sell on Rs.604.07 Crore negative in the market today market activities.


Domestic Institutional Investors selling side goes on Rs.808.29 Crore in the day Trading activities.

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