Today Market: Nifty, Sensex volatility market down on 0.35 percent and 0.37 percent fall, the day sector points

Today Market: Nifty, Sensex volatility market down on 35 percent and 37 percent fall, the day sector points

Thursday Nifty market high volatility in the day market changes value -0.35% percent and market end of time 11,896.45 points closed. Nifty the technical chart shows the green candlestick end the market. 

Sensex down the -0.37% changes market and market close on 40,558.49 points.

Bank Nifty volatility market the value changes –0.67% and market 24,484.15 points closed.

Today Britannia Industries’ recovery the two days after the results impact share price gain the 61.10 points a have value changes 1.80% percent up and market closing price Rs.3,458.35.

Bajaj Auto today announced Finance results report a Net profit fall 19% percent. a day Bajaj auto share price changes -0.39% percent down and current this share price Rs.3,006.20 market close price.

Colgate Palmolive India yesterday announce Finance results Net profit jump 12.3% percent gain. today market this share price changes 0.36% percent gain and market close the share price  Rs.1,431.95.

Bharti Airtel share price continuous fourth gain the market today share price changes 2.78% percent gain and today market end share price Rs.430.65.

Hindustan Unilever announced the Finance results on Tuesday reported a total revenue increase of 16% percent, the company share price results after two days down but today market this share price gain 0.75% percent and the market today close price Rs.2,179.35.

Nifty Sector Points

Nifty 50 market end 11,896.45 points down the today market change value -41.20 points fall and market changes value -0.35% percent.

Nifty IT Sectors market end 21,413.50 points, market value change -164.15 Points down, and sector change value -0.76% percent.  

Nifty Auto sector market end 7,864.15 points, sector -13.90 down and sector value changes -0.18% percent.

Nifty PSU Bank sector market 1,313.50 points end, the sector -0.65 points, and sector value change -0.05% Percent fall.

Nifty Media sector market end 1,455.90 points and market change value 0.76% Percent up the sector. 

Nifty Energy sector 14,789.45 points have sector 145.90 points and sector changes 1.00% Percent gained.

Nifty Pharma sector down -100.40 points and that sector changes value -0.80% Percent down the sectors a market and 11,545.30 points closed. 

Nifty Realty sector market end 237.70 and these sector changes value 0.36% percent up these sectors.

Nifty FMCG sector market end 29,715.45 points, the sector change 31.25 points and sector value changes o.11% Percent increast the market.

Nifty Metal sector market end 2,432.50 points and these sectors change 16.45 points and sector value change 0.68% Percent gained this sector.

Nifty Bank’s current 24,484.15 points end the market, this value changes -0.61% percent down.


Foreign Institutional Investor Buy today market trading activity Rs.1,118 crore.


Domestic Institutional Investor Sell in the day trading activity Rs.2,020 crore 

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