US Market Today Big down : Big shock news on US President of Donald Trump Corona test positive

US Market Today Big down: Big shock news on US President of Donald Trump Corona test positive
US  Market today NASDAQ 11,090 less than 210 Point 2.0% down, DOW Johns 27,785 currently 30 Point down 0.09% and S&P 3,365 loss 15 Point down 0.55%   today US market high level down expected 
why today US Market big down :
Friday Market open in a downtrend the US  NASDAQ market big down in almost 200 points 2% and ahead of the market down.
‘This Weak or next week expect the big positive news in the US Stimulus Package update. But not expected this negative news in the US Market for President Family Corona Test Positive News’. 

Today Big News in United state President of  Donald Trump Corona test positive in today morning  News release in White House update a Donald Trump, Wife Melania Trump corona test positive.

US President   Donald Trump  74 aged year and First Lady of US Melania Trump 50 year aged old big sad news both person corona test positive this news reflect the US Market big down ahead.

US President election coming to next month. last  day big debate in Republic Party Side Donald Trump and other party Democratic Party Joe biden.

And additional information in US Market why last few month up trend  in most of expert tell the market big institutional traders play and most common person told in US dollar over flow the Market up trend positive.

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