US Market Wall Street Big fall the Dow Jones 3% down

US Market Wall Street Big fall the Dow Jones 3% down, Nasdaq fall 2.41% percent and S&P 500 2.60% fall

US Market current big fall more the 60 points the Down Jones Industries as market value changes 27,487 points a market continuous falls market starting. Nasdaq huge down the 2.52% percent to 290 points and market run current points 11,244 points.

S&P 500 market falls the -2.70% to 93.38 points and a current market point of 3,371.

Today Impact the US Market on Corona virus case increase, high volatility market, selling pressure increase the market and Stiumuls packages hops down and election after this package already announced the White house spoke person.

Europe Market updates 

The Dax Market big fall down on -3.71 % percent to -468.57 and market downside close the 12,177.18 points. CAC the market -1.90% percent fall to -93.52 the day market closed 4,816.12 points. FTSE market falls -1.16% percent fall to -68.27 and market end of day 5,792.01 points.

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