Vedanta delisting failed a company, offer bid amount high the big share holders

Vedanta delisting failed a company, bid offer amount high the Big Companies

Vedanta Maker Anil Agawarl today said the Vedanta delisting offer tenders 125 Crore bids confirm last five day but the high money bid some the shareholders. Then a day delisting process fails the next process Sebi considering this October 31 end opportunities expect to extend the delisting offer the Vedanta. 

A Vedanta delisting time Promoters required share 134.1 Crore shares, the Friday final bid that releases Anil Agawarl said currently 125.47 Crore share confirm bids. Some bid demand failed the but as per the demand schedule release, about 12.32 Crore tendered are yet to be confirmed  Vedanta delisting offers.

The Vedanta last few months some positive news said Anil Agarwal, a company not borrower money, they on company assets money use then develop the Vedanta this announcement. In the Market positive sides goes on a few months, but last month issued the Vedanta exit a market in delisting offer the company.

At the time market positive side the buyer idea on Vedanta share buy then delisting offer bid time best amount bid lastly gain market expected the investors. 

This week  Friday delisting offer end but this biding the higher amount the shareholder on LIC says that Rs.320 only sells the Vedanta share a LIC ahead company shareholding  6.37% percent stake. 

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