What has expected to market? Asia Market and Global Market down

Thursday Asia and Global market some correction in the last day market.

The SGX Nifty Friday market open earlier on points show downside indication the sgx currently down the -0.89 or -113 points to12,633 points.

NSE and BSE the last day market high volatility and Nifty red Doji CandleStick formed the market.

Nifty 50 last day market end 12,690 points and Sensex market close 28,278 points.

India Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced Atmanirbhar Bharat 3.0 package on 2 lakh crore.

Farmers 65,000 crore provide support to the Atmanirbhar Bharat package allotted the framers. Biotechnology department 900 crores.

Asian Market

Friday, Asia Market earlier open Sgx down -0.89% and the market currently runs to 12,634 points. Nikkei 225 fall-0.91 to 25,273 points going to the market. Straits Times down -0.54% to market current value 2,697 points. Hang Seng falls to -0.78% and in the market current 25,965 points. Taiwan Weighted -0.01% little down 13,220 points. Kospi fall -0.47% to market current value 2,463 points. Set Composite down -0.67% to 1,336 points. Jakarta Composite -0.92% and in the market current value 5,458 points. Shanghai Composite down -0.34% to market current value the 3,327 points.

European Market

FTSE market down the -0.86% and this market current value 6,339 points. CAC Market down -1.52% and in the market end 5,362 points. DAX market fall -1.24% to 13,053 points market end.

US Market

Dow Jones Industrial Average Fall -1.08% to market end 29,080 points. Nasdaq market down -0.65% to in the day market close 11,709 points. S& P 500 market fall -1.00 to market current value 3,537. The reason for the Global market down the US country day to day increase the Coronavirus cases and Europa country increasing corona virus.

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