What has expected Wednesday Market; Adani Ports and Global Market

What has expected Wednesday Market; Adani Ports and Global Market 

Tuesday Nifty market ends the 11,814 points and Sensex grew 1.27% to 503.55 points has market current value 40,261 points. 

SGX Nifty market up 0.15% to 17.50 points fall and In the market value for 11,844 points. 

Adani Port & SEZ Tuesday announced Q2 Finance Results post-Net profit Jump 32% to Rs.1,394 crores and in the company consolidated total revenue Jump 2.9% to Rs.3,423.16 crores in end September 2020.

Asia Market

Nikkie 225 big gain on 1.42%, Straits Times down -0.10%, Hang Seng market fall -0.81%, Taiwan Weighted market up 0.30%, Kospi little gain 0.07%, Set Composite market gain 1.59%, Jakarta Composite market gain 0.32%, Shanghai Composite market fall to -0.16%.

Europe Market

FTSE second day gains big up to 2.33% to 132 points and this market value 5,787. CAC market positive sign for 2.44% up to 114 points up and in the market current value 4,806 points. DAX market big gain for 2.55% to 301 points grew and this market current value 12,089.

US Market

Dow Jones Industrial Average market value grew 2.06% to 555 points up and this market current value 27,480 points, Nasdaq big rally for 1.85% to 203 points increased and in the company current market value 11,161 points. S&P 500 market gain 1.78% to 59 points and in the market close points 3,369 points. US Election 2020 Domacrative President Candidate Joe Biden winning possible increased 

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