What is expected, Thursday Market? SGX Nifty down

Thursday SGX Nifty open the down market -0.89% or -115 points to the current value of 12,879 points.

Yesterday NSE Nifty Bullish gain on the market 0.50% or 64.05 points to the current market value of 12,938.25 points.

Sensex market gain 0.52% or 227.34 points to current value 44,180 points.

Bank Nifty yesterday gain 1.95% or 568.55 points to this market current value of 29,749.85 points.

Covid-10 Vaccines 95% successful announced to Pfizer.

Yesterday Market Motors sectors good M&M up 10% and Tata Motors up 10%.

European Market

Europe all Market good positive to FTSE Market gain 0.31% or 19.91 points to market current value 6,385.24. CAC Market gain 0.52% or 28.45 points to current value 5,511.45 points. DAX Market gain 0.52% or 68.42 points and in the market current value 13,202 points.

US Market

The second day continues to market down Dow Jones Average Industries -1.16% or -345 points to the current value of 29,438 points. Nasdaq market -0.82% or -97.74 points and in the market current value 11,801 points. S&P 500 market down -1.16% or -41.74 points to this market current value 3,567.79 points.

Asian Market

SGX -0.85% down, Nikkei 225 down -0.63%, Straits Times -0.60%, Hang Seng down -0.52%, Taiwan Weighted -0.29%, Kospi down -0.40%, Set Composite gain 1.09%, Jakarta Composite gain 0.25%, Shanghai Composite gain 0.21%.

FIIs data

Foreign Institutional Investors trading activity Net Purchase Rs.3,071.93 crore.

DIIs data

Domestic Institutional Investors last day trading activity Net Sales Rs.2,789.85 crores.

Today Market Target

Nifty Resistance level 12,990 points and Support level 12,850 points.

Sensex Resistance level 44,350 points and Support level 43,900 points.

Nifty Bank Resistance level 30,000 points and Support level 29,270 points.

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