What is expected today Market on Britannia Finance results announced and Asia Market News

What is expected today Market on Britannia Finance results announced and today results release companies, and Asia Market News

Today Market negative side possible the Asia Market Full down the market. India market first follow SGX Nifty the down a -0.46% percent and second time Europe market follow the Nifty. Monday announced Financial results the Britannia Industries, ACC Cements.

India is Finance Minster Nirmala Sitharaman Monday news said” the New Stimulus Package announce option possibility of government in India.

Britannia Industries Q2 results positive on Net Profit 23% percent Jumped last year compare do. these quarter net profit Rs.495.2 crore.

Britannia current share price Rs.3,769.

ACC cement announced the Finance results show that consolidate net profit Rs.364 crore and changes 19% percent year-on-year growth.

Acc cement current share price Rs.1,567.

Asia Market

The Asia Market open on earlier market changes details: SGX  Market down -51.50 points on current changes SGX -0.43% percent, Nikkei 225 Market down -74.64 Point and changed -0.32% percent fall, Straits Times -10.24 Point down and market change -0.40% Percent, Hang Seng 11.86 Point gain the market current changes 0.05% percent, Taiwan Weighted -28.19 Points market fall and the market changed -0.22% percent current market, KOSPI -17.40 point market gain market changes -0.74% percent the current market. Jakarta Composite 0.32 Point up and 0.01% percent changed. Set Composite current day market 1,242.96 point market gain 3.56 point value changes 0.29% percent market. Shanghai Composite now market down the -14.22 point value changes -0.43% percent.

US Market 

The US market down on NASDAQ on -1.65% percent down and 11,713.87 points day market. Dow Jones Industrial Average down -410.89 points a market changes -1.44% percent market total 28,195.42 points. S&P 500 index 3,426.92 points a down -58.89 points and a market change value of -1.63% down. Market down the reason the COVID vaccines hope down and Stimulus package hopes down, but some US officials said the election after announcing the Stimulus package.

Europe Market

Europe Market the FTSE current market points 5,884.65 a Volatility market down -34.93 points and market changes value -0.59% percent, CAC market current value 4,929.27 then changes value -6.59 points down and market value changes -0.13% percent, DAX value 12,854.66 a market down the points -54.50 market change value -0.42% percent day end market Europe market down. Europe a country Coronavirus increases and US Stimulus packages hops down a theses packages announce the election after


The Foreign Institutional Investors buying side goes on last trading activity Rs.1,656.78 crore.


The Domestic Institutional, Investor last day trading activity the market sell-side -1,621.73 crores.

Today Target

Nifty 50 Target 11,950 to 12,300 expect and another side down expect 11,600 to 11,300 points.

BSE Sensex Target 40,700 to 41,300 and down side target 40,000 to 38,400 points.

Bank Nifty Target 24,600 to 25,400 points to down side expect 23,800 to 22,900 points.

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