What is expected today Market on Infosys results announced, Global market News

What is expected today Market on Infosys results announced, Global market News

The Wednesday market on high volatility the NSE and BSE, first-morning time market red candlestick form the Nifty but last laterally market slide positive in 36.55 point gain market current points 11,971.05. BSE Sensex currently 41,088.86 and market changes value 169.23% points up.

Today market IT sectors good sign expected than last day Infosys results announced and Dividend issued the Infosys, moratorium case news, Today Finance results.


Infosys earning results and dividend announced the company,  The company revenue increase to Rs.24,570 crore, and YoY growth increase by 8.6% percent. Net Profit increases the Rs.4,845 in the Quarter.

The company announces dividends of Rs.12 per share.

Infosys Current share price Rs.1137. the market share price good gain expected today.


The Supreme court Moratorium case yesterday hearing the Wavier interest on interest, The central government said that only 2 crore interest on interest cut the government. This announcement implementation the November 15 effect a decision government said the Supreme court.

In the day Banking Sectors positive sign expected.

Today Finance results announce companies list, Cyient Limited, MindTree Limited, Rane Brake, Lining Limited, Hathway Cable & Datacom Limited, R.S Software Limited, The South Indian bank, Trident Limited, Vimta Labs Limited, Zodiac Clothing Company Limited.

Asia Market

The Asia Market open on earlier market changes details: SGX Market lite gain 11.50 points on current changes SGX 0.10% percent, Nikkei 225 Market negative sign -109.10 Point down and changed -0.46% percent, Straits Times -18.02 Point down change -0.71% Percent, Hang Seng -244.80 Point down the market current changes -0.99% percent down, Taiwan Weighted -116.37 Points currently down and the market changed -0.90% percent day market, KOSPI -22.10 point down market changes -0.93% percent the current market. Jakarta Composite -9.69 Point sideway down and -0.20% percent changed. Set Composite current day market 1,274 point market gain -8.99 point value changes -0.71% percent yesterday market. Shanghai Composite now market gain the -3.79 point value changes -0.11% percent.

US Market 

The US market high volatility on NASDAQ on -0.80% percent down and 11,768 points last day market. Dow Jones Industrial Average down -165.81 points a market changes -0.58% percent market total 28,514 points. S&P 500 index 3,488 points a down -23.66 points and a market change value of -0.66% down. Market down the reason the COVID vaccines hope down and Stiumuls package hopes down, but some US officials said the election after announcing the Stimulus package.

Europe Market

Europe Market details the FTSE current market points 5,935.06 a Volatility market down -34.65 points and market changes value -0.58% percent, CAC market current value 4,941 then changes value -5.95 points down the market, DAX value 13,028 a market down the points 9.07 market change value -0.07% percent day end market Europe market down.


The Foreign Institutional Investors net purchase 821.86 Crore a yesterday trading activity market.


Domestic Institutional Investors last day trading activity sell-side go DII 1,276.14 Crore.

Today Target

Nifty 50 Target 12,000 to 12,300 expect and down side 11,850 to 11,500 points.

BSE Sensex Target 41,200 to 41,700 and down side target 40,600 to 40,000 points.

Bank Nifty Target 24,000 to 24,600 points to down side expect 22,900 to 22,500 points.

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