What is expected today Market on Positive or negative

What is expected today Market on Positive or negative, the US Market full downside go and Europe country sideways market, today Asia market update :

Tuesday market full positive on 11,660 points across and BSE 39,574 points gain bullish market. Today market opens positive open expect but US Market followed then market downside go on but the brokering company said the market 11,600 to 11,800 point touch expect. More information update on Auto Sector Sales report announce and TCS results.

US Market

US Market unexpected down moment the slip market 177.89 Point in NASDAQ current point 11,154.60. Dow Jones’s big down reason the stimulus package hope down the US President Tweet, today Dow Johns 375 Points slip the less 1.34% percent down.


Europe market Tuesday Slideway show on FTSE market current 7.0 point gain and 0.12 percent, CAC Market 23.59 Point gain market changed 0.48 percent, and DAX Market 77 Point up current a 0.61 percent gain. The COVID impact increases European country and Vaccines no positive news update the European countries.

Asia Market

The Asia Market opens an earlier SGX Market Positive move on17 points up on current changes SGX 0.15% percent sideway, Nikkei 225 Market negative 38 Point down and changed less -0.16% percent, Straits Times 3.02 Point negative change -0.13% Percent, Hang Seng 146 Point gained current market changes 0.63% percent, Taiwan Weighted -13 Points currently down and market changed 0.10% percent, KOSPI 5 point gain changes 0.21% percent, Jakarta Composite 2 Point up and 0.3% percent changed. Set composite market down 1.7 points and the market changed -0.14.


TCS Tuesday sideways shares the current price of Rs.2714. Today TCS Q2 FY21 result day positive results expected the company announced today. TCS Share on Today Strong Buy indicates. Results announce an update and cover news on Businesline.info

Positive the run market on today target 11,600 to 11,800

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