What is expected today Market on TCS results, amazon send a legal notice to Future group and Global market update

What is expected today Market on TCS results, amazon send a legal notice to Future group and Global market update 

The Wednesday market positive Nifty on 11,638 points current changes 0.66% percent, BSE gained 39,878 the 304 points and market value changes 0.77% percent. 

Today Market expected positives way on yesterday US Market moment gain the 1.88% percent upmarket. TCS Results announce yesterday night, Amazon send a legal notice to Future group.

Asia Marker

The Asia Market opens an earlier on morning SGX Market Positive move consultation on 11 points up on current changes SGX 0.09% percent sideway, Nikkei 225 Market positive side 152 Point up and changed 0.66% percent, Straits Times 11 Point negative change -0.46% Percent, Hang Seng 173 Point big-cap down current market changes -0.73% percent, Taiwan Weighted 85 Points currently up and the market changed 0.67% percent, KOSPI 0.66 point lite down changes 0.03% percent.

US Market

US Market Wednesday market moment is the positive way 210 Point in NASDAQ current point 11,364.60 the value changes 1.88% percent gain. Dow Jones’s gained the 530 points gained current value 28,303 points. US market gain reason the Finance Stimulus Package new hope expect this week. 

Europe Market

Wednesday Europe market  Slideway show on FTSE market current 3.69 points down and -0.06% percent, CAC Market 13.46 Point down market changed -0.27 percent, and DAX Market 22.55 Point up current a 0.17 percent gain. The market over consultation.


Yesterday TCS Results announce revenue of Rs.40,135 Crore this year Q2, A net profit of 7% percent fall the TCS current year Q2 Net Profit Rs.7,475 Crore but last year Q2 Results net profit Rs.8,042 Crore. 

TCS total Buyback share 5.33 Crore equity share buy on not exceeding Rs.16,000 Crore, buyback share fixed amount Rs.3000 per equity.

Dividend announce the TCS on Rs.12 per shares the record date 15/10/2020, this dividend pay on date 03.11.2020

TCS Current share value Rs.2,735

Future Group 

Amazon e-commerce giant notice to Future Retail a notice said alleges on Future Group did not meet the criteria of its deal. 

The Future Retails bought the Reliance on Rs.24,713 Crore buy 

Today Nifty Target 11,700 to 11,900

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